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EEG is a non-invasive diagnostic method used dominantly to distinguish between epileptic and non-epileptic seizure-like states. Furthermore, EEG is also indicated in the case of assessment and monitoring of the development of functional impairment of the brain, for example after head injuries, conditions after inflammation and metabolic impairment. It is part of the diagnostic criteria for some neurodegenerative diseases.

EEG is a very valuable aid in the diagnosis of a wide range of neurological diseases and provides us with important information about brain activity.

Examination process

Examination process

The examination takes place in our ambulance on a certified device in the presence of an experienced laboratory technician. A cap with electrodes is put on the patient. A gel is applied to the cap, which improves the conductivity of the electrodes. Subsequently, the patient lies down and lies on his back for 20 minutes, when he has his eyes closed and only occasionally opens them on the nurse's instructions. At the end of the examination, he is asked to breathe deeply, and at the end, photostimulation (flashing of the lamp) is applied, which will provide important information about the activity of the brain.

The result of a 20-minute recording is a graph described by a neurologist, and the patient receives a report with a conclusion within 7 days. 

EEG at our clinic is provided by MUDr. Martin Vogner and Globus Pallidus s.r.o.

The price for EEG examination (recording + description by neurologist) is 2500 CZK + 500 CZK reservation fee.


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